The exhibition Sobranie Cocktail comes from a discussion between the participants on better work issuing from the given conditions. The exhibition on how to make a better exhibition passes through an attitude of non-productivity and results in the assembly of individual responses.

Sobranie Cocktail
with Benedikte Bjerre, Delphine Chapius Schmitz, Maren Dagny Juell, Julien Prévieux, Morgane Tschiember, Sergio Verastegui
Curated by Julia Cistiakova & Ekaterina Shcherbakova
September 7 – October 6, 2018

The definition of better work results and processes is specified by various technological and social realms. Confronting the technological and manual DIY consciousnesses, fading borderline between work and leisure, manifesting the disappearance of the author, the exhibition sets up an issue of better working conditions in art within the broader social context. A series of non-works fosters the productivity and usability of free time, seeks the limits of procrastination, and questions the utility of deconstruction. Exposing the pre-production elements, honouring side-effects and leftovers, scrutinising the materiality of time, are all the processes that form the spatial discourse of the exhibition.

Sobranie Cocktail offers to visit the reunion once it came to its end, and have a look at the set of the individual responses aiming to improve the discourse, the display, and simply to make it better according to one’s knowledge and interpretation.

Kindly supported by Georg and Josi Guggenheim Stiftung and Danish Arts Foundation.
Photography: Andreas Marti / Courtesy: DIENSTGEBÄUDE