Spazio Sanpaolo Invest presents VOLVO, the new solo exhibition of Andrea Bocca, winner of the Sanpaolo Invest Award in 2018, at our space in Treviglio, Italy.

Andrea Bocca: VOLVO
May 25 - June 28, 2019
Spazio Sanpaolo Invest, Treviglio, Italy

The exhibition, entitled VOLVO, functions as the exploration of an environment, a journey into clayey landscapes, dry earth, burnt asphalt, puddles in the ground and unfinished architecture.e landscape is covered by a thin veil of fog, out of which shapes seem to suddenly appear.
There are footprints of large machinery left in the dry earth.
They form small puddles, in which water reflects light with metallic iridescence.
The forms are always refering to something other then themselves.
They allows the artist to carry out a profound reworking process, which passes through the design and redesign of the form itself. 
Made two-dimensional by the drafting process and then brought back to three-dimensionality, they undergo the artisan modeling process. The works presented in the exhibition thus highlight a strong tension between the material and the action exerted on it, declaring the importance of the manufacturing process.
Everything is clear, sometimes everything is visible. In those moments the landscape unfolds like a sheet of paper over the horizon. 
Great and unfinished architectures, interrupt this thin grey line. 
Their volumes are full and heavy, they have a fiery and angular shape.
These are not friendly shapes, they welcome only those who seek to face their austere character.



Photography: Nicolò Chiodin, all images copyright and courtesy of the artist