The exhibition "Fool Me Once Shame on You, Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me." by the Israeli artist Romy Yedidia explores the discrepancies between intimate and public anticipations and anxiety, while offering a playful outset of the artist’s own perception of what and how it is to carry a load of social expectations.

Romy Yedidia: Fool Me Once, Shame on You. Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me
June 20 – July 6, 2019
U10 Art Space, Belgrade, Serbia.

The exhibition is compiled of two different video and site-specific installations; "Anxiety Machine", in which the artist explores the emotional strata of social norms through the ‘anxiety tool’, undergoing ritualized tension release exercise, and consequently reaching catharsis. "Belly Love" is the second performative piece, in which endurance plays a key role in showcasing the limits, weights, and violence of social conditioning. Both of these works relate to one another and hold strong performative aspects that question socio-cultural convictions of our contemporary conditions.

This exhibition investigates the trajectories between body representation, social gender-performativity, and identificational power-plays of the contemporary environment. The showcased works look into ramifications and disorientating factors relating to gender and body expectations of a contemporary and highly demanding socio-cultural environment. The artist’s identity struggles are visible in the performative endurance in which she invites spectators to witness the inflicting vicious trials of social expectations and cultural pressure. The burden of enduring the continuous reconstruction of the identity as a form of ‘purification ritual’ stimulates the already distorted identificational prospect of modern subjects.

Andrea Knezović


Romy Yedidia (1990) is a visual artist born in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 2014 she attended Interior Architecture studies at Holon Institute of Technology in Israel and in 2017 she received a BA in Architectural Design at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Her artistic practice engages with mediums such as installation art, sculpture and performance. Yedidia’s work investigates the female body and its representation throughout media; outlining the problems of indoctrination within propaganda, as well as posing questions related to gender performativity in western society. Her works bare strong architectural elements, utilizing materials such as concrete, metal and plaster to expose monumentality and permanence concerning the topics. An essential aspect of Yedidia’s practice is her usage of her body as a transformational tool, conveying certain critical narratives regarding body-politics through performative forms; almost always consisting of interactivity, durational acts and a persistent focus on materiality and objects. Romy Yedidia received the prestigious excellence scholarship by the Holon Institute of Technology in Israel. Her works including "Fighting the Pedestal", "The Beauty Machine" and "Objectify" were exhibited in venues such as Beelden in Leiden (NL), Looiersgracht 60 (NL) and UY Studio (DE). Romy Yedidia lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The exhibition is supported by the Embassy of Israel in Serbia.

Photo: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist, U10 Art Space, Nemanja Knežević and Nina Ivanović