Ádám Széll's first soloshow at the  HORIZONT Gallery in Budapest

24 January - 28 February, 2024
HORIZONT Gallery, Budapest

Today is Lung Day. Let’s start with a deep breath, the rib cage rises, air flows in due to pressure difference and fills the available space, all the cavities, chimneys and pipes.The chest tightens… until it softly relaxes and blows out.
It may seem so that the things are just that simple, everything works just that easy, like breathing, of course, no doubt. Making art is easy. Work becomes fun and fruitful, without hassle and any wasted energy. Take it easy, be water, my friend.
However, if anything gets in the way of the flow, it is unpleasant and irritating, breaking the routine, the even undulation of inhaling and exhaling, creeping onto the radar of the autopilot.
Something’s not right.
Since layers of different quality and density are built on top of each other - depending on what we want to see - we bombard the chest with soft or hard rays until CT-bareness.

Text: Ádám Takács


Ádám Széll (1995, Debrecen) graduated in 2019 from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, László László Révész's class, painting. Since 2015 he has been active on the Hungarian art scene, since then he has participated in several group exhibitions, and in 2018 he had a solo exhibition at MŰTŐ, and in 2022 at PUCCS Contemporary. He currently lives in Budapest and works at art quarter budapest.
Adam prefers to work in several media, but his main focus is on image-making. Currently he create indigo and graphite drawings on paper.
His works are mostly based on his own photographs, but he often collects raw material from images found on the internet or in printed catalogues. Than, he makes a study drawing of the chosen image and copies it onto a clean surface by indigo-paper. He layering other drawings on top of that using the same process. He selects the images drawn on top of each other on the basis of a whole specific content or a looser associative link.


Photo: Dávid Biró