For his last exhibition at the Centre d’Art Bastille in Grenoble, Nelson Pernisco created a whole new corpus of site-specific works in dialogue with the layout of the building and its atypical spaces.

Nelson Pernisco: Oui la nuit rêve dans le mineral
27 June - 3 August, 2020
CAB - Centre d’Art Bastille, Grenoble

The most renowned Chinese cosmogonic myth describes the creation of the world with the figure of Pangu, the first-born semi-divine human. Yin and Yang were reunited through him and he allowed the separation of Heaven and Earth from the egg-shaped chaos they were enveloped into. Pangu's body then became the physical world and its inhabitants.

The show opens with this mythological tale to give the viewer the tools to plunge into its path, going from below upwards, following the Chinese reading sense as a leading principle.

Nelson Pernisco interweaves here its way of occupying spaces –creating a rhythm that allows the comprehension of the space as much as the artworks– with an acute sense of organised chaos.
The final result is achieved by using strong, primal and raw materials such as dirt, metal and expanded foam, that allows the viewer to reach the essence of the artist’s sculptural practice.
The artworks resonate inside the rooms while creating a new narrative. Murals, oriental inspiration, science fiction, astronomy, politics, environmental awareness are the leit-motivs and markers of the creative process.

The works are strongly immersive and evolving trough the course of the show. When we finally reach to the centre of the exhibition, walking through a lunar landscape populated by strange creatures, we are filled with a strong post-apocalyptic sense. We face an ancient astronomical measurement Chinese object, dated between the 12 th and the 13th century, used to measure the distance between the different stars.
We are invited to the end of this journey in front of a forest of sculptures. It is not possible to understand if they are anchored to the ground or falling from the arches like stalactites displayed in the art centre. The colours are almost the same as the vaults of the space, leaving the show with an open final, yet to be discovered by the viewer.

Photo: Christophe Levet